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MARCH 2013
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FEATURED Deal Making
publication   The Impact of Medical Liability Standards on Regional Variations in Physician Behavior: Evidence from the Adoption of National-Standard Rules
Michael Frakes   American Economic Review
publication   The Phenomenology of Gridlock
Josh Chafetz    Notre Dame Law Review
publication   Is New Governance the Ideal Architecture for Global Financial Regulation?
Annelise Riles    Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies (IMES), Bank of Japan
Gura   WATCH: A Second Amendment Debate
Alan Gura, the winning counsel in D.C. v. Heller faces off with constitutional scholar Michael Dorf on the future of firearms laws.
Schwab and Getnick   New Course on Whistleblower Laws
Co-taught by Dean Stewart Schwab and Neil Getnick '78, the course welcomes more than forty leading practitioners, representing plaintiffs, defendants, and the government, as guest lecturers.
Zambia   Faculty Members Travel to Southern Africa to Work With Zambian Lawyers
Over the winter break, a trio of Cornell Law professors and one alumna made a trip to Zambia to lend their expertise.
  Students Tackle Unemployment in the U.S.
Department of Labor/Alliance for the Prevention of Unemployment program expands internship opportunities for law students.
  LISTEN: High Court Rules on Detaining Suspects, Sniffer Dogs
NPR   Sherry Colb
news   Josh Chafetz on 'The Phenomenology of Gridlock'
National Review   Josh Chafetz
news   Why "Shareholder Value" is Misunderstood
CBS Moneywatch   Lynn Stout
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