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March 2012
Lynn A. Stout   Lynn A. Stout Appointed Distinguished Professor of Corporate and Business Law

Internationally recognized for her expertise in corporate governance, securities regulation, financial derivatives, law and economics, and moral behavior, Stout holds the first endowed professorship in the Clarke Business Law Institute. Her next book on shareholder value is forthcoming this spring. More...


Nash Equilibrium and International Law

Jens Ohlin, 96 Cornell Law Review 869 (2011).


From Multiculturalism to Technique: Feminism, Culture and the Conflict of Laws Style

Annelise Riles (with Karen Knop and Ralf Michaels), 64 Stanford Law Review (2012).


Explanation in Legal Scholarship: The Inferential Structure of Doctrinal Analysis

Bradley Wendel, 96 Cornell Law Review 1035 (2011).


Ndulo Named Distinguished Africanist

In late February, Muna B. Ndulo received the New York Africana Studies Association's 2012 Distinguished Africanist Award for his scholarly achievements and contributions to Africana studies. More...

Chile or Norway, Anyone? New Opportunities to Study Abroad

The University of Chile in Santiago, Chile, and the University of Oslo in Norway have joined twenty other law schools where students may spend a semester. More...

Professor Jens Ohlin Cited by International Criminal Court

In a significant decision handed down in December, the International Criminal Court (ICC) cited two articles written by Ohlin and adopted his position on individual responsibility for collective crimes. More...

Riles Lectures at University of Hong Kong

Presenting on her book Collateral Knowledge: Legal Reasoning in the Global Financial Markets, Riles drew on ten years of fieldwork in the Japanese derivatives market to argue for the importance of legal reason in global governance. More...
Transactional Lawyering

Transactional Lawyering Competition Draws Enthusiastic Response from Students

Last semester, forty-eight students participated in the Law School's second Transactional Lawyering Competition, the only intramural competition of its kind in the country. More...

Sitting This One Out: Health Care Case Again Raises Recusal Controversy

ABA Journal
Michael Dorf


The 99 Percent Plan: America's Failed Promise of Equal Opportunity

Aziz Rana


Gay Marriage Fight May Hinge on Supreme Court's Anthony Kennedy

Los Angeles Times
Michael Dorf


'Green Card Stories' of Struggle, Success

Stephen Yale-Loehr


Class War and Maritime Disasters

Eduardo Peñalver


Costa Concordia Disaster: What Happens Now?

Jack Barceló

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