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December 2011
The Avon Global Center for Women and Justice   Second Annual Women and Justice Conference Convenes in New Delhi

The Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School brought together scholars, judges, and advocates from more than fifteen countries for a conference on "Gender-Based Violence and Justice in South Asia." More...


Judge-Jury Difference in Punitive Damages Awards: Who Listens to the Supreme Court?

Theodore Eisenberg and Michael Heise, 8 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 325 (2011)., 203-230 (2011).


The Entry of Women into Wall Street Law Firms: The Story of Blank v. Sullivan & Cromwell

Cynthia Bowman, Law Stories: Women and the Law, (Foundation Press; 2011).


The Political Animal and the Ethics of Constitutional Commitment

Josh Chafetz, 124 Harvard Law Review Forum 1 (2011).


Constitution and Society Colloquium Welcomes Distinguished Visitors

Professors Michael Dorf and Sidney Tarrow hosted the colloquium this fall, which featured leading scholars in their fields, including Richard Pildes from NYU and Kim Scheppele from Princeton. More...

Steven Koh '08 Appointed to United Nations War Crimes Tribunal

Koh recently talked with us about his new position at The Hague working in Chambers on the Prosecutor v. Radovan Karadžić case. More...

Law School Hosts Multidisciplinary Conference on Water Scarcity in the Middle East

Held in November, the conference addressed the legal, technical, political, and cultural problems in the region, focusing on potential solutions in water rights, land use, resource management, and water sharing. More...

From the NFL Lockout to the BP Oil Spill: Thomas Heiden '71 Inspires Students with Talk on High-Stakes Litigation

"I remember the man who told me, 'when you stand up, it's your courtroom,'" Heiden said. "I thought he was high." More...

Economic Experts Gather In DC To Explain Why Politics Has Doomed Us

Talking Points Memo
Robert Hockett


Death Row Inmates' Desire to Die Renews Debate

Los Angeles Times
John Blume


Health Care Law: Does One Supreme Court Justice Hold Its Future?

ABC News
Michael Dorf


A Promising New Law That Pushes Back Against Deceptive Anti-Abortion Centers

The New Republic
Steven Shiffrin


Guest Viewpoint: N.Y. Must Toughen Sexual Abuse Laws

Gannett Media
Cynthia Bowman

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