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February 2011
Forum Online: Focus on the Legal Economy

What is the current state of the legal job market? How is Cornell Law School addressing the short-term challenges and preparing for long-term shifts? Survival of the legal industry, especially in the current recession, depends on its leaders realizing the world turns, and its successful inhabitants must dance to the rhythms. More...


'Committed, Compassionate Teacher' W. David Curtiss Dies

Curtiss, professor emeritus of law, specialized in criminal law and local government law, and served as associate dean of the Law School from 1958 to 1962. More...

New Book by Professor Bradley Wendel Addresses Legal Ethics

The Bush Administration torture memos are widely seen as an example of a lawyer gaming the system in order to produce the result his client desired. More...

Cornell Law School Team Helps Train Liberian Judges and Lawyers

The training, led by Lawyers Without Borders, focused on criminal prosecution of trafficking-in-persons offenses. More...

Clarke Colloquium Series Brings Scholars Together

Scholars from different East Asian countries often have difficulty communicating with each other because of complex internal politics. More...

Loughner Likely To Request Change Of Venue

Jan 25, 2011 (NPR)
Valerie Hans

Web 2.0 Tools Could Save Rulemaking Transparency

Jan 13, 2011 (Federal Computer Week)
Cynthia Farina

"Geeky" Project Will Make Online Searches for US Laws More Productive

Jan 10, 2011 (ABA Journal)
Tom Bruce

Professors Help People Give Tax Cuts Back to Charity

Dec 31, 2010 (The Huffington Post)
Robert Hockett

Battling Your Broker Just Got Easier

Dec 19, 2010 (Smart Money)
William Jacobson

Experts: First Amendment May Not Protect Church's Protest

Dec 13, 2010 (AOL News)
Steven Shiffrin

With Video Everywhere, Stark Evidence Is on Trial

Dec 09, 2010 (The New York Times)
Valerie Hans

Esther Cepeda: Undocumented or Illegal?

Dec 04, 2010 (
Aziz Rana


Lawyers and Fidelity to Law

W. Bradley Wendel. Princeton University Press (2010).


Principles of the Law of Software Contracts: Some Highlights

Robert Hillman (with Maureen A. O'Rourke). 84 Tulane Law Review (2010).


The Dance of Death or (Almost) 'No One Here Gets out Alive'

John Blume. 61 South Carolina Law Review (2010).


Cornell Law School Stories

Peter W. Martin, the Jane M.G. Foster Professor of Law Emeritus, produced and narrated this forty-minute video showcase of Cornell Law School history and trivia.


Class Notes Updated

Search for news on your classmates and other Cornell Law School Alumni! If you have news that should be included in the next edition of Class Notes, please submit your notes on-line.


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